Thursday, December 17, 2015

some people never learn...

well folks... an update on my stalker...

seems good ole john tyler has not forgotten me. even though i've had no contact with this vermin for several years... he continues to play online... on march 21st. 2014 good ole revvvy boi posted his lame libelous filled blog to a archive site... because he knows that his fake blog is being removed from google/blogspot. then on april 15th of 2015 he posted more pages from his lame blog on archive. hmmm... hey folks is anybody not seeing what's really going on? today, i sent a legal notice to and blogspot of rev tyler's intentions... his blog is removed but he just can't let it go... his lame is also gone... i also sent a copy of this message to rev's dad over at now if i were mr. tyler... well i'd be asking myself why my loser of a son won't stop harassing some guy halfway across the country. i'd be asking myself how can my business retain a proper reputation when my son is online harassing people like a 12 year old buffoon. i ask john tyler why he can't get the respect from his son that is required to make him stop ruining his name online. john tyler should be ashamed of having a lousy son like revvvy boi... john e. tyler is a coward. john tyler needs to draw the line with his son... john tyler needs to show his son who the boss is. it's obvious his son does not respect his father. facts are quite obvious. rev tyler seems intent on damaging and has no problem doing it for the last 15 years. well... john tyler says he believes in god. i believe him. what i can't understand is why his son is such a deviant miscreant who can't act his age and lay off the computer... the guy is way too old to be playing bully online. sad actually. anyway here are a few screens shots of rev tyler's latest playtime...
someone should tell john about his son;

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Poser Exposer: Edward Przydzial Crashes Car - LIES About Racing a...: The Austin Police have confirmed that Edward Przydzial did not race at speeds of over 100 MPH and crash in a multi-car pileup in Austin Texa...

Monday, September 8, 2014

ros radley self appointed photo police

let us introduce one mr. ros radley... who is ros you ask? well ros is a self appointed doer of good. ros considers himself the worlds leading authority on photos and not just any photos but kiss photos in particular. ros is officer, judge and jury. his spank monkey ken sharp and palsy robert jackson are his assistants. the folks who also assist him and cheer him on. 

ken sharp is a prime example of a plagiaristic thief. his 'book' is another example of theft of transcripts taken from interviews and tape recordings stolen from the kiss fan club 'the kiss museum news'. sharp compiled these transcripts and used them to write his alleged book 'nothin' to lose'. assisted by curt gooch and jeff suhs kiss touring history. gooch also printed his name on several photos in his book he did not take. how appropriate.

we must also remember Marc Scallatino (thief)... the vintage kiss photo book using illegal images. mr. scallatino was under federal indictment... ros has his name listed on his magic facebook page. marc was sued by paul stanley and gene simmons as well as trying to destroy several photographers who had nothing to do with marc's illegal book while dragging them into the legal issues with kiss. 

If any of you KISS fans out there are literary agents or know someone who is please contact me. Some publishers won't accept submissions unless it's from a literary agent. Thanks, Ros Radley

-check out ros' blog-

this is an amazing example of what happens when you throw stones while living in your own shallow world of glass. ros should take some advice and get a life. 


KISS, the world famous rock group, though its licensing agent brought suit in the Federal Court in Detroit, where the "KISS" legend began, against Marc Scallatino and a photographer named in an unauthorized book about the rock group KISS containing KISS photographs taken in 1974 to 1981.

We had no choice but to bring this suit against Mr. Scallatino, a spokesman for KISS said, because Mr. Scallatino was repeatedly warned that an unauthorized publication of "KISS" photographs in a book about "KISS" would violate the exclusive rights of the KISS licensing agent, including the federally registered trademarks covering the distinctive "KISS" logo and the distinctive face paint designed by the members of "KISS." Mr. Scallatino ignored the warnings.

A spokesman for KISS also said we have made a considerable effort in time and money to protect the public from counterfeit "KISS" merchandise, including registering the "KISS" trademarks around the world. We cannot simply ignore Mr. Scallatino's willful violation of the rights of "KISS" after he was repeatedly warned.

The suit also names Janet Macoska, a famous photographer of rock bands, as a defendant. After the lawsuit was filed, Ms. Macoska contacted attorneys for KISS and indicated that, although her name appears in the book as one of the photographers, she had no knowledge of the book and never consented to publication of Mr. Scallatino's book, and, she warned Mr. Scallatino that if he publishes her photographs of "KISS" in any book without consent of "KISS," it would violate the rights of KISS. Based on Ms. Macoska's cooperation and the evidence she has provided showing she was not involved in the unauthorized publication of "KISS" photographs in the book about "KISS", we are dismissing the claims against Ms. Macoska, but proceeding against Scallatino.

Kiss is represented by attorneys Patrick M. McCarthy, Raymond E. Scott, and Gregory D. DeGrazia of Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC. 

anyone hear the youtube conversation...? yeah "neil likes to brag.
he personally told me got her start in the photography biz by giving him a few blowjobs..." he said "she likes to swallow..." and she needed a foot in the door so to speak. ;) 

Annnamaria DiSanto
P.O. Box 351265, LA, CA 90035
310 652-4222

Below is an interview I did via email with Niclas Muller-Hansen back in March 2013 for his website Metal Shrine Bloggen.
First off, who is Ros?

I’m Ros Radley, a 45 year old KISS fan since 1976. I collect KISS photos and any other printed material from 1973 to 1983. I am still a fan of the non makeup period and the reunion period/Psycho Circus period. However, I only collect material from the original makeup era, 1973 to 1983.

What made you write this book of yours?

I feel the first ten years were the most exciting and deserved a very detailed study of day to day activity. The excellent book “KISS Alive Forever” inspired me to research further to collect every bit of information from 1973 to 1983.

How long have you been working on it?

I’ve studied KISS since I became a fan in 1976 but the real organization of details began about ten years ago in 2003.

Where did the title come from?

In my opinion, Magic is the best word to describe KISS during their first ten years. The image, the mystery, the concept, the personalities, the energy and, of course, the music is magical. I’ve had the title for about five years.

Page wise, this sounds like it´s gonna be a big one. Details?

Nothing has been confirmed yet but I’m hoping to have about 700 pages in 9x12 format.

Is there gonna be a part 2?

I can imagine there being a revised edition in the future. Details from this period are subject to change as new information is discovered.

Will there be any cool photos in it?

There will definitely be many rare and unpublished KISS photos in my book. I do not want to use even a single photo that has already been printed.

How have you gone about doing research for the book?

I have collected, studied and organized every possible detail about KISS that has printed. I have also contacted many photographers and other KISS collectors in search of specific details. I am still in the process of researching and interviewing people for the book.

Will it contain never before known facts of the band and its members?


As I understand it, you´ve been involved in the "Nothin to lose" book as well. Give us the details of your part in it!

For the last two years I have been helping Ken Sharp with photo research and photo editing for his book. I was able to help him correctly identify the date/location/photographer for almost every photo in his book. In addition, if a photo needed cleaning up due to damage or just aging I was able to use photo editing software to make the images look the best possible. For example, the cover photo was edited by me so that Peter would be seen and be fairly represented.

What will make this book different from all the other KISS books out there?

"Magic – The KISS Kronicles 1973 to 1983" will be the first book ever to take a day by day look at the first ten years of KISS’s career. Every piece of information about KISS’s daily activities between 1973 and 1983 will be presented in chronological order. Details about concerts, recording sessions, photo sessions, rehearsals, TV appearances, videos, interviews, band/management meetings and personal activities will, for the first time, be gathered in one ultimate, revealing and complete book. The book will also be the first to thoroughly study the evolution of the KISS image including the makeup, costumes, jewelry, hair styles, musical equipment and stage design.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

rev tyler and cxb proud residents of boston!


LMAO @ the retard here:
rides the short bus:
is married to fat chick:
hilarious delusion cyber stalkers from 
methuen or haverhill... ma. — with Edward Przydzial in Haverhill, MA.

christopher x. brodeur - rikers island new york, ny


ahhh... yes our pal poser exposer thinks it's smart. but i have i.p. address so tracking the log in...
idiot steals copyrighted photo for it's profile and when i notify the owner it changes the image
to this stolen from rob green of funkmonk. it's last theft was owned by aladyrevealsnothing or
what not. someone thinks they are smart... good. i am smarter. keep playing just building a
case. have fun. i warned you i am tracing your computer number and your i.p. address but
you just want to own this libel filled blog so you own it. next...

brodeur fucktard

christopher x. fucktard COURTS AND LAW 

On Trial for His E-Mails, Interrogating Witnesses, and Himself

On the eighth floor of the Brooklyn Criminal Courthouse – a place where misdemeanors are adjudicated and court proceedings consist mostly of brief appearances in front of a judge – the bizarre trial of Christopher X. Brodeur is now entering its third week.
On Friday, Mr. Brodeur, 45, called himself to the witness stand and began questioning himself in a format that took full comedic advantage of the absurdist situation.
“Mr. Brodeur, would you explain,” he would say, as a preface to a typical question.
“Well, I’d love to,” he would respond to himself, and then launch into a lengthy answer.
Mr. Brodeur is charged with violating a restraining order by sending an e-mail to an acquaintance, Harry Stuckey, who became Mr. Brodeur’s nemesis after a failed attempt to open an artists’ collective in Williamsburg.
Similarly, Mr. Brodeur was convicted in December on a criminal contempt charge in connection with violating a restraining order by sending an e-mail to Rachel Trachtenburg, a 19-year-old model and a member of the girl band Supercute.
Mr. Brodeur, a musician, artist and political activist, has spent the past 13 months in Rikers Island – partly because he cannot come up with the $15,000 bail set by the court.
Mr. Brodeur, has run twice for mayor of New York City, winning 4 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary for mayor in 2005. But he became best known for making headlines after his numerous arrests for harassing government or elected officials – most notably Rudolph Giuliani, whose radio show Mr. Brodeur would regularly call into, with taunts.
Mr. Brodeur is known for sending out mass e-mails to friends, enemies, reporters and government officials alike, often with obscene rants about the dishonesty of certain elected officials.
As usual, Mr. Brodeur is representing himself in the current trial, but the judge has insisted that a court-appointed lawyer, Steven Hubert, be present as a legal adviser.
So Mr. Brodeur is brought into court each day in handcuffs and wearing an outfit of layered T-shirts and sweatshirts. He has a beard and long hair and he remains handcuffed to his chair. He is cheery and sharp of mind, and ever loquacious in his relentless, meandering questioning of witnesses – most of whom are his various friends and former friends.
The legal crux of the trial — Mr. Brodeur’s e-mails – has largely been overshadowed by his domination of the proceedings by questioning witnesses about the minutiae of how he was wronged in various ways.
Isn’t Christopher honest, he keeps asking witnesses. Isn’t he a famous political activist, a whistle-blower. Isn’t he talented.
His meandering questions prompt constant objections from the prosecutor, Jessica Wilson, which then prompt mini-law lessons from Judge Michael Yavinsky.
Mr. Brodeur has been prickly with the prosecution, signing court documents with names including Liberace, Judy Garland and Thomas Jefferson.
The Brooklyn district attorney, Charles Hynes, who has been the target of many of Mr. Brodeur’s obscenity-laced e-mail screeds, is up for re-election this fall, and is afraid that Mr. Brodeur will challenge him, Mr. Brodeur claims.
Mr. Hynes is prosecuting him as “political payback,” Mr. Brodeur said, adding, “We’re here because Charles Hynes is fighting for his political career.”
The judge has been highly tolerant of – and alternately entertained and flustered by – Mr. Brodeur’s courtroom antics. The charge carries 90 days maximum jail time, and the judge will deliver the verdict. He has helped out as Mr. Brodeur has stumbled on questioning formats, and has kindly corralled the defendant in, as his questioning strayed.
Last week, Mr. Brodeur called to the stand Thomas Ritchford, a computer programmer and former Google employee who was friendly with Mr. Brodeur during the formation of the artists’ collective.
Mr. Ritchford testified that Mr. Stuckey took money from himself and Mr. Brodeur.


Hopefully, whoever you are, (even Harry VoxPutz Stinky couldn't be this pathetic) you will kill yourself. It's obvious that your only reason for staying alive is to impersonate Nico Haupt & Edward Przydzial & harass CXB in some pathetic bid for attention because you obviously don't have either the talent or good looks to get attention otherwise. Really sad. We've seen your sad blog as you harass that Eddie Dzial guy in California.